Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend

Happy Easter!

We had a blast at the Easter egg hunt at the Smith's in their orchard. It was a True HUNT!!

Tractor rides!
Yesterday we headed to Scottsdale and as we were walking through Sephora they asked if they could give he girls bunny make up! So cute!!
Then we headed to Scottsdale and the kids got to play in the stream
And we had lunch here:    Amazing!!

We went to Chandlers aquatic center on Friday. Such a great pool!

Gymnastics is wrapping up and the girls are growing SO much! Reese is working on her cartwheel and Kylie is getting her back handspring! So proud!!

He has been sleeping during gymnastics the past 2 weeks  and it is so super duper precious.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This and that

I forgot to put this picture up when I talked about my family coming for Thanksgiving and this happens to be one of my favorite pictures with my parents and my children. My kids are SO lucky to have them as their Nana and Bapa.

 A few months ago I was feeling so so so sick. Like I have never been this sick ever! It was not enjoyable. So my sweet friend came to pick Reese up for SEEL school and I caught a picture of Nixon running out to give Re a hug. XOXO
 So I was sick for like weeks! It was weird. Whenever the girls are sick I give them a silver tray (this one pictured) and try to pamper them like nobodies business! And it was so sweet how Kylie did just that to me! She was such a helper!
 We did manage to make our traditional sugar cookies for Valentines Day. This girl LOVES to bake!

 OK, so in Kylie's class they have fake money and you can bring something to sell to the other children for money and she decided to sell the SODA Explosion! Well, rumor has it that this is not a good item to sell at the class store because the principal got involved and vetoed it. Ooops!!
 We had a family night about our bodies.
 We had the letter X in SEEL school that week and we went eXploring.
 And looked at an X-ray of my sister because the day before she swallowed a bobby pin!
 Mmmm, this was around quite a bit over the winter. Man alive, I will sure miss freshly squeezed grapefruit juice!
 Nick and Mason stopping by for a little chicken fight:)
 She seriously loves baking!

 Valentines breakfast:
 Valentines Dinner: We have been eating outside quite a bit. I love that we do this.
 And our holiday painting was again a success with the girls!

December: Montana

Yes, STILL playing catch up! So for Christmas we headed out to The Hilton's home in Dillon, MT. Cowgirl boots and all.

I had to document this, Nixon played with these jelly stickers for soooo long and it really saved our bacon on the plane. Because boy does this boy have a ton of energy! And we love that, but maybe not on long plane rides:)

As soon as we got home the kids jumped on the 4 wheelers. I love that we just park them right outside their front steps and we can hop on them and zip on over to Great grandmas or to the homemade ice skating rink.
Chase and me!
Chase in all his amazingness with his iphone snapped this picture. I love it.
This is Conrad's elementary real life fire escape. I am so sorry but I can not get over this! I love it.
Part of The Hilton's property flooded this fall and froze in the winter so we made FULL use of it. Ice skating, hooky bobbin, snowman building...

When we go to Montana Conrad never packs anything but underware. So its always fun to see what he pulls out of his dads closet everyday:) Check out The Beaverhead river!!! Pretty as a picture.
Christmas with the cousins.
The sky.

Matchy, matchy!
Yes this is a framer!

We got to attend Conrad's aunt and uncles mission reunion. So we got to take a jaunt on down to Rexburg!
Conrad's tiny grandma, grandpa and awesome mom!
They rented this house that was SICK!! The kids had a blast! They have 109 2nd cousins on that side!
We took the kids skiing and I got to wear Clint's 14 year old snow suit. I was stylin'.
Splits everywhere, anywhere.
Sweet Reese!

And then it ended and we came back to the cacti and dust.