Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Date night

We took up Pilates for one night. We loved it.

Conference weekend

The night before general conference Kylie could barely go to bed saying, I feel like its Christmas! They get so excited for general conference and our traditions while we listen to the words of a living prophet. After each session (there are 4) we do special things like make root beer floats, make suckers and the best one was going to Cranbrook with friends. We go walk Cranbrook most Sundays. It's a private school where Mitt and Ann Romney went to school. There are 316 acres of amazing sights. This is the Booth home, they were a big newspaper family in the 1920s.
In that tree the kids will play for hours on end, although I don't let them.... We like to pursue around the grounds.
All cozy getting ready to watch general conference. My favorite thing President Monson said was to just try and be a little better today than yesterday, be a bit more thoughtful and kinder. Sometimes simple things sure can be hard for me. So I love the reminders.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Kylie's school hosted a dinner for new families! We met 2 fun families that we hope to hang out with!

We are at the library each week checking out 30-40 books. The kids love it. Me too.

Nixon takes a class at the library: Tot Time

We made a tent on the deck and watched a movie

Playing at the beach with our friend from Germany! She is in Kylie's class. Because of the car companies there are a lot of foreigners that move here for 3+ years. Kylie is so blessed to have kids from all over the world in her class! Sometimes she comes home with a French accent. True story

We get some serious miles out of our zoo membership. 

Friday, October 3, 2014


When I stepped out of my car yesterday on a crisp fall night I could smell a fire going and inside our home was an amazing homemade meal waiting for us made by Conrad. Seriously one of the best nights ever. This is the only picture I have of the end of the fire...
We had just got back from gymnastics. The girls just started at the Y in Birmingham and are loving it. They love playing with Nixon on the equipment after class:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beach Day, Everyday.

We go to our neighborhood beach quite often. I just feel like the kids feel so free there, it is the root of childhood to me.

The neighborhood has an annual Family Day. Tug of war was the best part...

Traverse City

Dune Climb. We hike 4 miles to Lake Michigan in the dunes with ALL three of our babes.

This was the best part of the vaca. Walking/ tumbling down this dune then walking a mile to another beach to play.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Dr. Hilton working hard.
(Excuse the shoes all over! We were re-doing our entryway.)
I caught Nixon sleeping with all his "toys" :)

                             Reese is getting to be so artistic it makes my heart jump for joy!
 Outside is our favorite place to be... Well, until November they say;)

Catching frogs...

Summer Projects

We have been writing letters to Pen Pals like crazy around here! It's been great for the summer. Kylie also finished that Costco Math booklet this summer, it was a great refresher. I think we will do it every summer.

 Every Thursday we had craft day this summer. A few weeks ago we made American Girl Doll beds. The girls picked out their fabric and ironed and helped sew some bedding!

Planting a Garden

When we moved into our home it needed some TLC. So the girls had a great idea of planting a garden! And with the help of my good friend Brooke we did it!
So 1st: We planned our our garden
2nd we went to work weeding our garden:
3rd we bought and planted our seeds and plants with Esley and Brooke:

The girls have done such a great job watering and weeding. Kylie even does it when I don't even ask! She LOVES being out there.