Thursday, August 14, 2014


Our 1st Family Night in Michigan. We had s'mores and wrote our summer goals. One of Reese's goals was to learn to swim this summer. One of Kylie's goals was to read a book and watch the movie after. One of Nixon's goals was to get potty trained. They are all accomplished except Nixon:) Good luck buddy!

Conrad's first day of his intern year of residency!

 Pen pal letters!

 Painting rocks. We didn't have river rocks in Arizona so we took full advantage of these little puppies when we found them!


I officially get to kiss a Dr.. It's awesome.

 This phase in our lives is so dear to my heart for many reasons. I am always over come with
gratitude for the things our parents have both done these past few years to "ease" the burden of Medical school. The frequent trips, the fun packages in the mail, the fresh flower deliveries have all helped make this the best four years of our life. Having Kelsey move here to Arizona to be near us was one of the best things that has happened to our family. The kids now have a special relationship with her that will last a life time. Cara has made countless trips to spend time with and soak up these little ones and the end result has brought our family that much closer. We have just been so blessed to be in Arizona at that time in our lives. Arizona has blessed us.

 I thought it would be fun to put in "Now and Then" pictures of when we started med school to when we finished. 4 years has flown by.

                                                                  Now & Then
Conrad's parents came all the way from Montana to watch their son graduate!

My ENTIRE family came out to celebrate and support us. They rock.

I am SO proud of Conrad. Seriously, so proud.

 The friends we made turned into family. We could have done it NO other way. These are my peeps for life. XOXO This is the best picture i had:(
                                                                                      Now &

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BFF Party and Family Fun

 A few weeks before we moved we had the girls friends over for one last big play date. These girls are being missed madly right now. It's crazy how many of Kylie's friends had a sisters Reese's age. Ky and Re were so lucky to have such amazing friends so close.

That day they just played and made picture frames to remember Kylie and Reese:)

 Kylie turned 8!

 My grandparents drove all the way down from Utah to be at Kylie's baptism. They are the most wonderful selfless people and such amazing examples in my life.

They brought bubble guns that Nixon loved.
 The day of the baptism Ky and Re were pampered by Kels and Cara.
 My mom gave the most wonderful talk and talked about how "Out family is a covenant making people!" I love that! And my dad gave Kylie the Holy Ghost and Conrad baptized her. What a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Poor Reese

One morning the kids were wrestling and Nixon yanked on Reese's arm. She was in so much pain we thought it was broken. But after Conrad took her to the ER we were so happy it wasn't! After a few days she was back to her sweet self!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wolf Pack Graduation Trip

The wolf pack gang took a trip. It was seriously one of a most relaxing weeks ever. My mom was taking such great care of our babes that I never once worried about them. Thanks mom!!!
Getting together the first night was such a blast. We did a gift exchange and lets just say there were some pretty good belly laughs;)

The boys won a few if these medals:)
The Dr.s! All 9 of them! My heart is just bursting with pride! What a huge accomplishment, I am just so proud of each of them.
Conrad was obsessed with the Flow rider. And mastered it pretty well.

All 16 of us crammed inside a van in Honduras.

Conrad and I in Roatan.