Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wolf Pack Graduation Trip

The wolf pack gang took a trip. It was seriously one of a most relaxing weeks ever. My mom was taking such great care of our babes that I never once worried about them. Thanks mom!!!
Getting together the first night was such a blast. We did a gift exchange and lets just say there were some pretty good belly laughs;)

The boys won a few if these medals:)
The Dr.s! All 9 of them! My heart is just bursting with pride! What a huge accomplishment, I am just so proud of each of them.
Conrad was obsessed with the Flow rider. And mastered it pretty well.

All 16 of us crammed inside a van in Honduras.

Conrad and I in Roatan.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


April (yes April) came with 2 birthdays and a whole slew of other things for us Hiltons.
Easter breakfast
 Painting eggs

 Nixon turned 2! We made a football pinata. He loved it. We love our little man. Most people think he is 3 because he speaks so well. He is so fun to communicate with because he is so expressive and super sweet.
When he gets mad at someone (usually Reese) He will tell her "Big trouble", He loves riding the 4 wheeler but he calls it the 3 wheeler, When he doesn't want to do something he says ,"I'm too hot", When he gets in trouble he has to sit in his room until he can say with a smile "happy heart" This melts mine when he says it! We love you Nix!

 Baseball cake
 2 years. Messy face and no pants!

We wrote notes to our dear friend Nate who was paralyzed in a bicycle accident. You can learn more about his story Here Kylie's note was so sweet, the things she knows and shares at this age just blows my mind.
I had my SEEL school girls write their name on the first day of school and the last day of school on the same piece of paper. It was so fun to see how much they have progressed!
 Our sweet, darling, beautiful Reese. The light was just so perfect as I walked into my room one day. She was just looking out the window. So I grabbed my camera and snapped away!
 Instead of saying, "yeah" She says "sha" its darling.

 One morning I woke Kylie up at 5 am and we went over to the Gilbert temple to take baptism pictures and on our way home we got doughnuts. I think this is my new tradition when all our children turn 8.

 As soon as I catch up on our blog I can blog about how much we are loving Michigan!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Month

It's a darn good thing I take pictures because I forgot how spoiled I was in April! Let me tell you! It wasn't even Mothers Day or my birthday. I sure love this family of ours:)
Conrad took the girls on a date. Kylie finished up her Running Club and so we shelled out the new build-a-bear we bribed her with:)
 Kylie is really into making her fruit yogurt salad. It is my personal favorite. I don't have to beg very hard for her to whip this baby up!
 One day they made dinner for Conrad and I. Kylie really wanted to serve it wearing roller blades. I was impressed but very worried for my favorite white plates and goblets!
Reese made this special drink all by herself!
 They did such a great job presenting the food (seriously look at that plate) and the table decor was spot on! Nice work Reese!
 Cara came to suprise us and taught the girls how to make a fun polka dot cake!
 Another night Kylie and Reese drug our folding table into their room and decorated it and had a special bedtime snack for us. SO thoughtful!! They really set this up alone!
 Such a sweet note they hung for the occasion:)
 Night time train ride
 Marshmallow games:

 Kylies 2nd grade dino project
And the volcano to go with it:)
 Spring break. We did more than that trust me:)
 THe kids and our sitter decorated our kitchen for when Conrad matched his residency! So fun!

 They made dinner again. So sweet.

See how spoiled I was in April?!! I sure am blessed!